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Well-rested. Refreshed. Energised. Happy.

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Corporate gifting for improved workplace wellbeing & employee happines

Sleep deprivation, seasonal mood changes and fatigue caused by lack of sufficient exposure to light or circadian rhythm disruption all contribute to poor physical and mental health. Lumie lights work by regulating the body’s natural rhythms for better sleep and waking, improved mood, energy and general sense of wellbeing.

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Why Lumie?

Trusted by 1000s

For over three decades we’ve been specialising in light therapy and light therapy only - we even invented the world’s very first wake up light in 1992! Fast forward to today, our lights have been chosen and trusted by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Flexible & Personal

The process of working with us is transparent and smooth. You are always in the loop, and we take pride in progressing the project in a timely manner. We’re here to meet your all of your needs, whether it’s pricing, order quantity or logistics to deliver the best service and delight your employees.

Made to Last

While many electronic devices become obsolete after a single season, our lights are made to last. We offer the best warranty on the market, and are dedicated to making our products as durable and repairable as possible. We believe it is not only fair to our customers, but also better for our planet.

The Lumie wake-up light has really turned my long standing inconsistent sleep right round! With the sunset function, I can relax, wind down and - soon after - fall asleep. 

Great light, small enough to fit on your desk. I felt the effects within the first two weeks using every day.

Lumie is rated Excellent

Based on 1,231 reviews

This is a great light, very high quality. Definitely makes a difference to my energy levels.

Great product, love the light brightness options and the sounds. Has revolutionised my wakeup routine and how I feel in the mornings.

Nothing has helped me fall asleep or wake up in a good mood. Until I tried this Lumie light. I fall asleep naturally with the sunset feature. I wake up slowly with the sunrise feature and feel ready for the day.

Here’s what our clients have said

The process was transparent, smooth, and timely from the first point of enquiry to the final stage of delivery.

“We worked with Lumie to fulfil a corporate Christmas gifting request from a major retail employer for their 12,000 staff. The process was transparent, smooth, and timely from the first point of enquiry to the final stage of delivery. The client and its staff were absolutely delighted with the product. Lumie were flexible and fair in meeting our and the client’s delivery and packaging requirements, and most of all were able to fulfil our request with very little notice.“

The service and communication we received was excellent, and on time.

“Our client wanted to gift the staff a wellbeing product that was used in the home and could benefit their families. We proposed Lumie Sunrise Alarm, which fitted the budget and also was the right size and weight to be included as the gift in our refreshment box. The service and communication we received was excellent, and on time. The Lumie Team were able to supply us with products suitable for different markets (EU/UK plugs), which was perfect. The feedback from the client was really positive.“

Lumie invented the world’s first wake-up light in Cambridge in 1992

30 years of research and development

Lumie has been on a mission of improving the quality of people’s sleep and waking, mood, and general sense of wellbeing with light in a natural, safe and risk-free way since 1991. Based on sound science, our lights have been carefully developed to deliver the best user experience and swift results – right out of the box and for the years to come.

“This study confirms the efficacy of using a dawn simulator such as Lumie Bodyclock for treating SAD as an alternative to bright light therapy. Preference for one type of treatment or the other is roughly equal although those with moderate depression tend to prefer bright light therapy.”

Dr Konstantin Danilenko

How does it work?

Well-rested & Refreshed

Lumie wake-up lights are like a personal sunrise, a gradually brightening light that gently rouses you from sleep so that you feel naturally wide awake, more energised and ready for the day ahead.

Energised & Happy

Just as sunlight naturally makes you feel good, topping up with extra bright light during a working day, especially in the winter months, has been proven to put you in a better mood and make you feel more awake.

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